We offer both individual and group Mandarin classes for children and adults, along with both complete and supplemental solutions for K-12 schools. Choose one of our standard courses or have us customize a course for you. We also encourage you to inquire about our new Mandarin Certificate Program.

Adult Courses

Standard Chinese

Our standard Chinese course is broken down into 3 levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Starting with an introduction to pinyin, our systematic approach will lead students to eventually recognize over 1500 Chinese characters upon completion. With our carefully selected scenarios, phrases, expressions and cultural points of interest, our goal is to give you a true understanding of life in China.

Business Chinese

These courses are designed for professionals doing business in China or with Chinese companies. Upon completion, students will acquire a business-oriented vocabulary of approximately 500 specialized Chinese words and several hundred phrases.

K-12 Solutions

Complete K-12 Solution

Are your students interested in learning Chinese, but a full-time Mandarin teacher is not in your budget? Or are you an individual student without access to a quality Mandarin class? Our turnkey Mandarin program may be the solution for you. With 5 levels available (Chinese I-IV and AP Chinese), all of our courses are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Supplementary K-12 Program

Already have a Mandarin program at your school? Or already enrolled in a Mandarin class? Our supplemental online sessions connect individual students (or groups of students) to live teachers in Beijing, allowing them the opportunity to practice with native speakers and get instant personal feedback not available in a regular classroom. Use these sessions to improve your speaking and listening skills or for AP test tutoring. Our team will even collaborate with your teacher(s) to ensure discussions are kept relevant to current classroom lessons. Available for both schools and individuals.

Chinese for Kids

Ideal for younger students, from pre-K to elementary, our "Chinese for Kids" program includes shorter lessons while integrating songs and pictures to increase engagement. As with all our courses, lessons will be customized based on level, age, and learning goals. Students can expect to learn a wide variety of topics, with a focus on practical language that is relevant to the child's everyday life.

Custom Courses

In addition to all the courses above, we also have many custom courses available, including Survival Chinese, ILR/ HSK Test Preparation, Chinese for Adopted Families, and many more. Have a specific need? Let us know, and we'll customize a course just for you. We can even customize the length and number of sessions to fit your time schedule.